Thermoplastic Tooling

Winona has been building tooling to support Commercial Aerospace use of Thermoplastics in Air-Frame Parts since 2007. Tooling built by our team includes matched metal form dies, compression molds and continuous compression molds.

Winona has experience in the design and building of tooling to produce parts in high-temperature Thermoplastic Aerospace resins such as PEEK, PEKK and PPS. Decades of experience building tools that run at temperatures as high as 900 degrees Fahrenheit are critical in building tooling for these emerging processes.

Thermoset Tooling

Winona’s team has experience in traditional open mold tooling for thermoset processes for Air-Frame and Interior Components. We can support project tool strings from design to facilities tools.

CNC machining and fabricating complex shapes is our specialty at Winona. We are equipped with state of the art software and machining centers to support industry needs. We have the ability to design and build or build to a supplied design with review and support from our engineering staff.

ECS Duct Tooling

Winona has the experience and capabilities of making ECS Duct Molds used in the Aerospace Industry. Our employees have state of the art equipment and the experience that has been utilized in ECS Ducting used in the Boeing 777X to Boeing 787.

Metal to Metal Bonding

Aerospace tooling for metal to metal bonding is part of the service we also provide to our customers. We make tooling for oven or autoclave cure tooling in aluminum and steel. From simple aluminum tools to complex bond assembly jigs, Winona can design and build these tools in house.

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