CAD Modeling – Educated in the Fundamentals

Today’s world of engineering starts with a foundation of quality solid modeling and design. We focus on this area and consider it one of our core competencies. Complete CAD tool designs add value and create cost and time saving opportunities which allow for compressed project management schedules.

Tooling Development – Attention to Detail

Our team has decades of CAD design experience and as a company we have been committed to solid modeling software since the early 1990’s. Our team excels as a full service, one stop solution for even the most complex engineering projects our customers have to offer. This commitment to excellence is exemplified and reinforced by the trust and confidence many tier one OEM companies place in our engineering and design services, and in our company.

Software – Built on a Strong Foundation

An engineer is only as capable as the tools at their disposal. At Winona we invest heavily in both the training of our experienced engineering team and in the latest available modeling and programming software.

Metrology – Focused on Customer Centric Services

We use the most advanced metrology technology to reverse engineer, inspect, analyze and validate tooling and parts for all industries.

FARO Laser Scanning:
Committed to Flexible and Scalable Services

Our FARO 6' Platinum Arm is highly portable, allowing us to inspect virtually anywhere in our facility, or yours. We can also combine our CAD modeling expertise with our laser scanning and CMM validation capabilities to offer a full suite of reverse engineering solutions.

CMM Inspection:
Confidence in Quality

As a third party service or as part of our project management solutions we are able to inspect and validate all forms of tooling along with production and prototype parts.

Reverse Engineering:
Creative Solutions for Complex and Legacy Geometry

Reverse engineering solutions are comprised of a combination of different techniques, such as laser scanning and CMM validation, which are then used to create a new CAD model. Our goal is to improve design while taking into account any given process deviations. By applying the latest technologies with the collaboration of two of our core departments, CAD Design and Metrology, we are able to offer a full range of reverse engineering solutions. We utilize these resources to re-capture legacy geometry data and supply the customer with new parametric solid models.

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