Tooling to Produce Aerospace Composite Parts

Winona has been a tooling supplier to the US Commercial and Military Aerospace Industry since 2007. Our facility, workforce and certifications are in place to support the industry. We continue to grow with industry demands in advanced materials and new emerging technologies.

CNC machining and fabricating complex shapes is our specialty at Winona. We are equipped with state of the art software and machining centers to support industry needs. Winona is staffed to design composite tooling or to build to customer supplied designs.

Assemblies, Checking and Machining Fixtures

Assembly fixtures, checking fixtures and machining fixtures are a large part of our work load at Winona. From engineering to laser scanning we are equipped to take on your projects. We support projects for the entire tool string from initial design to inspection fixtures.

Tooling to Produce Aerospace Parts in Advanced Thermoplastics

Winona has experience in the design and building of tooling to produce parts in high temperature Thermoplastic Aerospace resins such as PEEK, PEKK and PPS. Decades of experience building tools that run at temperatures as high as 900 degrees Fahrenheit are critical in building tooling for these emerging materials.

Metal Casting Industry Tooling for Military and Defense

Specializing in Patterns and Permanent Molds used in the production of both Commercial and Military Aerospace Castings. Journeymen that handle these projects have 25+ years of design and manufacturing experience.

Projects include Turnkey Design and Reverse Engineering from cast parts or legacy data. One of Winona’s core competencies is Casting and Tool Design, delivering back to the customer a Product Model representative of their casting.

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