Permanent Mold

Our goal is to lever our 25+ years of design and mold building experience to reduce tooling costs, tooling development time and increase casting quality. We consider permanent molds one of our specialties. We specialize in complex tooling for highly engineered aluminum castings including Aero Defense Castings to Automotive Block and Head Tooling.

Pattern Tooling

Winona started in 1992 as a wood pattern shop supporting 5 local foundries; it is our roots as business and continues to be one of main revenue streams. From large Wood Patterns to Automotive Block and Head Tooling our skill set covers the industry’s needs. Our team includes journeyman patternmakers with 25+ plus years experience.

Winona has a mix of traditional pattern making skills integrated with 5 axis machining and laser scanning equipment offering a mix of old school experience with the latest technology.

Core Equipment

The key to any metal casting tooling program success is in engineering, core design and manufacturing. We have designed and built core equipment for every core machine in the industry. We can supply solid model designs needed for core blowing simulation and to support production demands.

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